Huggaroo Soothe microwavable heat pad with lavender aromatherapy

Soothe Away All Your Holiday Stress with These Huggaroo Products

We get it, holidays can be stressful but they don’t have to be. In today’s blog we go over some of our products that are essential for a stress-free holiday season.  Let us make make this as stress-free as possible....

Huggaroo Original

Our Huggaroo Original has been flying off the shelves ever since we launched! The Original is a microwavable heating pad that was designed to soothe neck and shoulder pain. You can purchase either scented with lavender or unscented. We use real dried lavender and other dried herbs to amplify relaxation. 

Pop the Original on a microwave safe plate and place in the microwave for about one minute and thirty seconds. Or you can store it in the freezer for a cooling soothe if you would rather. Need to know more before you buy? Check out our features in PopSugar, Reader’s Digest, AOL, Medical News Today, and Arizona Health & Living Magazine!

Huggaroo Embrace

The Huggaroo Embrace is another model of our microwavable heating pads that delivers heat to your neck and shoulders. The main difference between the Huggaroo Original and the Embrace are the colors available and the areas where heat is applied. The Embrace wraps around your neck to the front of your collarbone while the Original sits atop the shoulders. The Embrace has an ergonomic shape that hugs your neck and shoulders while staying in place. This heating pad is available in the colors blue, grey (both scented with lavender) and black (unscented). 

Huggaroo Cozy

If you are just starting out on your heating pad journey and desire something a bit more simple, try our Huggaroo Cozy! The Cozy comes in scented and unscented and warms up in your microwave as well. This heating pad will remain warm for about 10-15 minutes. Crafted for comfort, the Cozy is made with ultra plush minky fabric and weighs about 3 pounds. Check it out today!

Huggaroo Comfort

Our Huggaroo Comfort is a microwavable heating pad that may be used as a wearable back wrap or general-purpose hot pack. This heating pad delivers deep moist heat to your lower back, tummy, knee, shoulder, neck or wherever applied! The Comfort length is 70 inches and can fit comfortably around waists up to 55 inches. Composed of 100% polyester fabric and filled with clay beads & flax seeds, the Huggaroo Comfort is the perfect necessity for the upcoming holiday season.  

Huggaroo Gem

If you were looking for something to add to your selfcare routine, look no further! Our Huggaroo Gem Warm and Cold Eye Compress is the perfect addition! Created with soft and luxurious fabric, we believe the Gem will be a staple when relieving stress this holiday season. Just like our Original, the Huggaroo Gem comes scented with lavender or unscented.

For use, place the microwave hot insert onto a microwave safe plate and warm up in the microwave for about 60 seconds. Like a cooling sensation instead? Great! The Gem comes with a cooling gel insert too! Just toss in the freezer for at least 4 hours before use. (Note: only microwave the hot insert - the gel ice pack should not go into the microwave) 

Take a peek at the recent award our Huggaroo Gem won here

 Huggaroo Soothe

Our Huggaroo Soothe was created to simply...Soothe! Take the pain and stress away with this microwavable heating pad that wraps securely around the head. This heating pad not onlys works great for headaches or migraines, but can be used as a general-purpose hot pack. You can enjoy the Huggaroo Soothe scented subtly with lavender or unscented. Grab yours today!

Huggaroo Ice Comfort

Looking for a cold pack instead? Then the Huggaroo Ice Comfort is the perfect product to snag! The Ice Comfort is a cold compress that is made of soft, luxurious fabric, and feels amazing against the skin. This cold compress has two sides; the silky side feels ice cold while the plush side feels gently cool. 

Secure the Ice Comfort around your head comfortably with the velcro attachment. You can also use this product as a jaw wrap (with included extension piece) or as a general purpose cold compress. Containing 9 individual gel ice packs, simply place the Ice Comfort in your freezer for at least 4 hours prior to use. 




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