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Totally surprised.

I bought this for my almost 3 yr old grandaughter who was having a terrible time falling asleep. Last resort; I really did not think it would work. She was drawn to it straight out of the box. Has fell asleep fast, alone, and secure. What a great product for the restless child or the child that needs self soothing alternatives.

Wife loves it..

Awesome product! My wife loves it. Perfect for those cold mornings sitting outside having coffee. Has some weight to it. Only three minutes in the microwave and it'll keep your shoulders and neck warm for a half hour.

The healer

Sons neck issues relieved by huggaroo. Love it!

Wonderful gift

I purchased this for my husband who suffers with shoulder pains, it has helped making movement easier.

Fabulous for easing arthritis in my shoulder and neck

I came across this product when searching for ways to ease my shoulder arthritis in these cold damp winter months and I am so glad I did. It is wonderful. Due to the horizontal stitching the filling doesn't move around, it is a lovely fit over the shoulders and round my neck like a shrug, and the delicate scent of lavender and warmth are very soothing.

Perfect for gifting

Was a perfect gift to give! The price is reasonably well priced and the delivery was super quick!

My nans new favourite thing!

Got this as a gift for my nan who suffers from severe back pain. She adores it, as soon as it goes cold (which takes a while) it is straight back in the microwave. It is basically her new attachment! She highly recommends it, might have to get one for myself!

Huggaroo for tension

Bought as a gift for my daughter for Christmas. Used a lot already. Soothing heat helps reduce tension in shoulders. Would highly recommend.

Huggaroo Comfort | Microwavable Heat Pad
Helena Anderson Wright (Aberdeen, GB)
nice gift

a christmas gift for my daughter - shre likes it very much

Wonderful gift

I bought the microwavable heat pad as a Christmas gift for my grandmother. Kate at Huggaroo was very kind in sending a replacement free of charge as there was some superficial damage to the box of the first product. My grandmother loves the heat pad for her neck and shoulders, it only needs 2 minutes or so in the microwave and is very comfortable with plenty of support.

Read the Instructions BEFORE using.

I got one for my wife. The second or third time she used it, we smelled smoke from the microwave, and the cover had started to melt. I was miffed at first, but then read the instructions and found out we weren't using it properly. Our bad. The people at Hugaroo were very nice and immediately offered a replacement.


Wow what a beautiful product! I bought this for my daughter for Christmas, it is fabulous quality, the stitched sections keep the beads inside in the right spot, easy to use and a lovely comforting weight and gorgeous smell!
Would highly recommend I will be getting one for myself soon.

Pain relief

Definitely helps with the pain in my shoulder and arm, comforting! But it is heavy!


Use it for headaches and works so well


I bought this for my husband who has neck & shoulder problems. We only needed to heat it for 2 minutes & it was plenty warm enough.We were worried as we don't have a carousel in our microwave, as it's a combi oven but we just turned it after a minute & that worked fine.
It retains the heat well & the lavender aroma is very relaxing.
My daughter in law was very impressed so She is going to buy one now.
A great success! Thank you Hugaroo

Does what it says

Gets the job done, feels relaxing, scent is pleasant

So Comfy

I bought for my sister who has been suffering with neck pain. She loves the comfort and warmth which definitely gives her pain relief and enables her to move her neck more freely.

Everything I was looking for

Great quality! I love my new shoulder wrap- helps with my arthritis pain.

Huggaroo Embrace | Microwavable Heat Pad with Lavender, Grey
Michele Shillington (East Grinstead, GB)

I bought this at the recommendation of my physiotherapist for a shoulder issue. It’s really wonderful and unlike other wheat bags it’s not light and flimsy but heavily weighted and so comfortable- highly recommend!

Huggaroo Comfort | Microwavable Heat Pad
Sunnyafternoon (Farnham, GB)
Best made pad

I bought this for my neck, but it was too heavy and big, but I’ve kept it as it’s the best heatable pad I’ve had. Great on back, stomach and feet. So we’ll made and snuggly- heats beautifully and retains its warm .. I love it on my heat.
Have since bought the circular neck one, super stays on when moving around and hits all the right stops. Truly good products.


Just what I needed to sooth my stiff neck and shoulders. Love it.

Just got it, love it so far

It is a gift. Can not give you a review.


Both my husband and I absolutely love the Huggaroo! It's exactly what we both needed for our aches and pains! He has RA and it's wonderful for his shoulders and neck. I'm "cold-blooded" and use it to warm everything it touches including my frequently aching back. Both of us highly recommend this little gem to everyone!!

Great weighted blanket

My Grandson loves my 15 lb weighted blanket so I ordered this one for him for Christmas! I’m sure he will love it!

Huggaroo Comfort | Microwavable Heat Pad
Wendy Farrell (Thatcham, GB)
Best heat pad

I have tried various heat pads ,but this one is the best of them all. Gave it 2.30 mins and it was excellent.Highly recommend.